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Bad Girl Gone Bad

Ahooooj! Tak konečně jsem na sebe oblíkla něco, v čem nevypadám jako houmlesák a upřímně mi to udělalo radost. Vyměnit čepici za klobouk a tenisky za podpatky je jednou za čas vážně k nezaplacení. Bohužel tuhle kabelku z H&M má každá druhá, takže ji nenosím, ale je to škoda, protože je fakt obří a vejde se do ní fakt všechno :(… Read more →

Dark Red & Spikes

Hey fashion maniacs! Here’s one of my fall outfits. I’m totally in love with this wine colour, especially with the lipstick colour. I feel badass in combination with the spikes on my beanie and shoes. And yes, it hurts to touch them. Glad I didn’t have to kick anyone in the ass that day hahaha) I hope you like it!… Read more →

Spiked Diamonds

  Hi there! This time, I left my cute dresses and heels home and chose this very very comfy outfit. I just feel great wearing this style, this is probably me. I’m still kinda trying to find my fav style and gotta admit, that sometimes I dissemble, I try to be someone else. So, this is what I love the… Read more →

White Sands

Hi there everyone! As you know, I’d been gone for 6 weeks, so I didn’t post almost anything, which I’m so sorry for. Anyways, unfortunately for me, I’m back in Prague and ready to make some new posts from my journey. It was more of a travelling and exploring journey than fashion one, so I’m not wearing make-up on any… Read more →