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Denim Jacket & White Shades

Ahoj! Nějakým záhadným způsobem jsem zapomněla publikovat tenhle post z Německa, tak to napravuji teď. Tenhle konkrétně je z návštěvy Autostadtu:) Uznávám, že tenhle outfit je hodně prostý, ale tak na cestování byl fajn:) Snad se líbí!:) P.S. Fotila mamka, takže půlka je rozmazaná:D E. _________________________________________________ Hey everybody! Here’s the last outfit from my travelling around Germany, this one is… Read more →

Gray Maxi Dress

Hi fashionistas! The school has just started and I have been really busy recently. I wonder if everyone is as busy as me, there is so much stuff to do!!! School, work, blog, gym, friends, family, I wish a day was longer:( Anyways, I always wanted a long cotton dress and couldn’t find any in stores, so I bought it… Read more →

No Strings Attached

Hey everyone! Today was the last warm summer-ish day, so I had to wear my cropped top with strapped back, I wanted to wear all summer long, but couldn’t because it was never that hot. As I usually do, I added my favorite beanie, just to look more stupid :):D Those sneakers, I put studs on them, so they won’t… Read more →

60’s Night

Hi everyone! Today was a lazy day! I slept till noon and then went out to Fashion Market in Prague. After that me & Vojta went to see a movie, which we hadn’t done in ages!:) I hope you like the outfit, because it’s super-comfy:)))))) It was a great feeling to wear my old red Converse sneakers and this bandana… Read more →