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New In: Ojju Handbag

Ahoj! Tak jsem se zamilovala. Strašně, ale fakt strašně dlouho jsem sháněla klasickou černou koženou kabelku na běžné nošení. A nakonec jsem ji našla a je přesně podle mých představ – jednoduchá, minimalistická, obrovská a pohodlná. (Když už jsme u toho ‘obrovská’, vždycky mě rozesmějou některé komentáře na moje obrovské kabelky typu: “na co tak velkou kabelku?” “ty se někam… Read more →

Gray Maxi Dress

Hi fashionistas! The school has just started and I have been really busy recently. I wonder if everyone is as busy as me, there is so much stuff to do!!! School, work, blog, gym, friends, family, I wish a day was longer:( Anyways, I always wanted a long cotton dress and couldn’t find any in stores, so I bought it… Read more →

Summer in the Air

  Hey everyone! So after almost two months of exhausting travelling, I’m finally back in Prague! I actually got a new job in a new gym, so now I’ll be around a lot. I know there are better places than Prague to be in the summer, but if you have a new dress, like me, it’s not that bad:) I got a… Read more →

Crossing the streets

Good morning everyone! Are yall looking forward to the weekend? I am! The weather is supposed to be perfect and I’m gonna do some travelling! Yesterday me and Vojta went to play some billiard with my best friend and her boyfriend, so it was a kind of a doubledate. We won of course:) Anyways, we had this idea… Me and… Read more →

Coffee to go

Hello everyone!! This outfit is called coffee to go, because the colours just remind me of my favorite morning drink. I am having a tough week and coffee is the only thing, that actually keeps me alive… :) So, either you are having breakfast, dinner, meeting with your friend, or you’re just passing through Starbucks, go ahead and have a… Read more →