Denim Love

I’m totally in love with black-and-white combinations, so after a while, it might get kinda boring. That’s why I decided to wear it with my denim jacket. Winter is over, so this outfit is perfect for first spring days, such as this one. As you may notice, a beanie is my favorite piece of clothes, not only because it can… Read more →

Another Brick in the Wall

Hello fashionistas! Here is one of my monochrome color combinations again. It’s not that I don’t like colors, I’m just making my outfits look simpler, because, like it or not, that is my style. I hate busy outfits. I believe that simplicity is the key. Anyways, I was wearing this outfit when visiting my parents, and my mom actually took… Read more →

Back Then

It was a beautiful day and after a fight with my boyfriend, we decided to go for a walk to the center of Prague. He even bought me this backpack as a compensation or something. And he was right. He knows me so well, that if he buys me something to wear, I can’t be mad at him for a… Read more →

The Very First Post

  Ahoj! V první řadě jsem moc ráda, že jste se dostali až sem, na můj blog. Jak asi už víte, je to blog především o módě a o všem s ní spojeném. Móda je totiž něco, co neuvěřitelně obdivuji a zároveň nesnáším. Obdivuji, protože je to vlastně umění, které dokáže potěšit, a nesnáším, protože moje závislost je tak silná,… Read more →

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