Spiked Love

Hi everyone! Still studying, no time for anything. 12 days till departure, so my thoughts are somewhere in Miami. That’s why I love Miami. Florida. Sun. Ocean. AND CHILL. Love, E.   WEARING:  H&M HIGH-WAIST POCKET SKIRT MANGO SPIKE OXFORD FLATS BURTON BEANIE Spread The Love! Read more →


Hey fashion lovers! Here’s another post for those who just surf on the internet instead of studying, LIKE ME! I have another final tomorrow and all I do is going through my old Vogue magazines. Please, help me run away from this procrastination! Anyways, concerning this outfit, I wanted to identify with men, so I put on my favorite Gant… Read more →

Flatter Tummy in a Few Hours

Hey guys! :) //Scroll down for Czech Version// I’ve been asked several questions about getting a flatter tummy from food lovers that  don’t exercise. After about 30 minutes of explaining that they should go to the gym and get  a bit of exercisig, I decided to help them a little. So is it possible to make your stomach leaner and smaller… Read more →

Wild Cat Hunting

  Hey guys! After another final today, I have only 2 more left and I really can’t wait to have them done! Well everyone who still goes to school understands me :) Anyways, here’s another combination of almost-no-black and leopard pattern, I hope you like it. (P.S. Please don’t judge me for buying some pieces on eBay from time to… Read more →

Glass of Red Wine

Good afternoon fashion stalkers! :) Concerning today’s and tomorrow’s weather here in Prague, I have to post one early spring-ish outfit, when it was cold and windy.  This is one of my outfits where I don’t wear black (almost) at all, which is quite hard for me, since 99% of my closet is black. Anyways, I hope I inspired those who… Read more →

Leather Proof

Hey everyone! I hope your weekend is going great, as well as mine. I went to a great party yesterday and came back home at like 7am, which hasn’t happened to me in years! Since I started working out, I am not partying at all, so that’s maybe why this exception was such a great time :) Anyways, I wanted… Read more →

Neon Fairy

Hey everyone again! I wanted to share this beautiful day with you all, bacause there is never enough of them! It was our last day at school, se after lunch we decided to hit the oldtown and the Prague castle. Even though there were millions of tourists, we found out about places we never knew of! And we are both… Read more →