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The Rest-Pause Plan

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. Since it’s already Monday. Yes, again… Lot of us have to go to work or school, and lot of us have to (and hopefully WANT to) train or work out again! Yay! So, to keep this short. As I said last time, I want to write something about a workout… Read more →

Post-workout stretching

Hi everyone! I had a great workout a few days ago and unfortunately didn’t have time to stretch. What a mistake! I should have made my workout shorter, because boy, I couldn’t move after two days. So here you see how the after-workout stretching is important. I decided to capture my typical five minutes of stretching. Rule no. 1) Stretch… Read more →

Breakfast of the queens

Good morning! Today is a non-working day! So I got up at 11 and had plenty of time to make breakfast (or lunch?), not like the other days, when I get up and eat my breakfast on my way to the gym or school. So I decided to make my favorite pancakes. If you want to make a healthy breakfast… Read more →

Simple body weight exercises

As a woman, I prefer exercising only with my body weight, because it is more natural to me. Sometimes, of course, I have to use the machines, but I try to avoid them as much as I can. I’ve been thinking about making  a whole-body training plan for those, who share my opinion on heavy machines and also like some… Read more →

Basics – Training

(Again, scroll down for CZE version:) So, with another post I’d like to continue with mentioning some of the basics that everyone should know. This time I’d like to focus on working out, mainly lifting weights and heavier training. Depending on how many reps you do in a set, you will train different “function” of the muscles. I mean that… Read more →

Basics – nutrition

(For CZECH version scroll down) As this is the very first post in our Fitness section I’d like to start with some very basic stuff that many of you may already know. I am gonna be talking about food (YES, I know!) …a.k.a nutrition. Why start with an article about food you may ask. You probably know the answer. However hard… Read more →

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