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Leg workout

  Zdravím všechny sportovce! Tak mám pro vás zase jeden fitness post, tentokrát je to můj zdokumentovaný trénink nohou. (Jenom pro vysvětlení, fotky jsou pořízené z doby před tréninkem, což je důvod, proč nejsem skoro vůbec zpocená. Při tréninku ze mě lilo jak kdybych se koupala v bazénu a šklebila sem se jak kdybych měla epileptickej záchvat, takže by fotky… Read more →

Promoting Fitness While Travelling.

Hey everyone!!! :) It’s been a while since my last post, but I am just so BAD with finding some time to write new and new posts where I could share some interesting knowledge about fitness and healthy lifestyle with you. I promise that I will try to do my best even though lot of you are not here because… Read more →

Even a fitgirl knows food porn

Hey fit people! /If you just started your diet, you shouldn’t probably even read this./ You know what I got in America? Fat. I got fat. And you know why? Because I love food. And even more, I love unhealthy food. So I decided to eat whatever I want the whole 2 months when I was road tripping – otherwise… Read more →

Super Weight-Loss Diet

Hey everyone!  _______________________//Scroll down for CZECH version//_____________________________ As I’ve had another load of questions lately, this time about my special diet, I decided to share my weight-loss diet with yall.  So the diet I’m on, is called CARB CYCLING DIET (also called carb waves), some of you might have heard of it, so let me explain, what it means.  Everything… Read more →

Flatter Tummy in a Few Hours

Hey guys! :) //Scroll down for Czech Version// I’ve been asked several questions about getting a flatter tummy from food lovers that  don’t exercise. After about 30 minutes of explaining that they should go to the gym and get  a bit of exercisig, I decided to help them a little. So is it possible to make your stomach leaner and smaller… Read more →

Home Made Healthy Burgers!

Hey fitness-maniacs! Today we decided to make some burgers for dinner! And we actually found out that home made burgers are not so bad for your body! Chocolate, ice-cream, nutella and other stuff is much worse! There is a lot of protein in it, vegetables is very healthy and you would probably eat the bread anyways, so don’t worry about… Read more →

Bad-ass ABS workout

Hey everyone! You wanna have a flat stomach with strong abs? Follow these tips, rearrange your diet and keep working out! :) Repeat every exercise 12x (and more) in 3 sets. Always warm-up before, stretch after workout and keep pushing your stomach into the ground during execising. And voilá, you’re on your way to abs, you always dreamed of <3… Read more →

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