Airports are fun!



Hey guys!

So I’m gone!!!! :) I finally packed myself and left for another never-ending summer to America.
As the title says, I looooove airports, because it usually means, that you’re going somewhere, and since I love travelling, I love airports.

The flights were great, they weren’t even full, so we we able to sit wherever and just be comfy. I slept almost the whole time. The whole trip took about 19 hours, which is not so bad, last summer when I went to America, I spend about 26 hours travelling.
Anyways, we drove to Port Aransas, TX, right away from the airport and that’s where we are right now. Just chilling
at the beach and doing nothing.

Here are some random pictures from the airport and our beach house here in Port A.

Oh and I’m wearing my favorite YvesSaintLaurent tee and my new jacket/sweater! I hope you like it!
I also hope yall have a wonderful weekend, like I do!

photo 1 (3)


photo 2 (3)

photo 5

photo 3 (3)

photo 4 (2)



photo (2)

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