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New Shoes Again!

Zdravím! Tak můj neutěšitelný shopoholismus se zase projevil, a já jsem si musela koupit dvoje nové botky. Leopardí slip-ony už jste mohli vidět v mém minulém postu, ale novinkou jsou zlaté metalické slip-ony (jak  překvapující, že? :D), jak jinak než od Bati. Stály neskutečných 399,-, takže jsem nepřemýšlela ani vteřinu. Oboje jsou to takové ideální boty na zimu do sněhu,… Read more →

Neon Thoughts

Hi guys! The last time I went shopping, I was thinking about the price of clothes and figured that I almost never wear anything expensive and I wanna show you that you can actually wear cheap clothes and still look decent :) Don’t skip those cheap stores that you always pass by, thinking they aren’t for you. They are usually… Read more →

Summer in the Air

  Hey everyone! So after almost two months of exhausting travelling, I’m finally back in Prague! I actually got a new job in a new gym, so now I’ll be around a lot. I know there are better places than Prague to be in the summer, but if you have a new dress, like me, it’s not that bad:) I got a… Read more →

Le Moustache

Hey everyone! The weather forecast said ”sunny, 20°C”, still can’t understad why  it started raining cats and dogs just like that. We went into this little café in downtown Prague to meet Vojta’s family and when we got there, we were soaking wet. The white outfit was a perfect idea… :( Anyways, I’m going to Slovakia for two days, so… Read more →