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Zoot Challenge

    Celý outfit najdete na   Ahoj! Dnešní post je tak trochu vyjímečný a víte proč? Před několika dny mi na facebook napsala jedna slečna, Iri, z blogu Můj dům, můj squat  a tím to všechno začalo. Nabídla mi, jestli bych se nechtěla zapojit do soutěže se ZOOT.cz s dalšími fashion blogerkami. Pravidlem bylo zkombinovat základní kousek – zlatý náhrdelník –… Read more →

Zebra + Neon

Heyyyy everyone! Here’s another post from Denmark! Again, I’m wearing a really simple outfit, because that’s how i like it, the simpler, the better. When traveling, I don’t cary a lot of clothes, so my outfit are even simpler than usually. These pictures were taken on a beach, we lived near by. The boys actually jumped into the sea once… Read more →

Neon Thoughts

Hi guys! The last time I went shopping, I was thinking about the price of clothes and figured that I almost never wear anything expensive and I wanna show you that you can actually wear cheap clothes and still look decent :) Don’t skip those cheap stores that you always pass by, thinking they aren’t for you. They are usually… Read more →

Neon Fairy

Hey everyone again! I wanted to share this beautiful day with you all, bacause there is never enough of them! It was our last day at school, se after lunch we decided to hit the oldtown and the Prague castle. Even though there were millions of tourists, we found out about places we never knew of! And we are both… Read more →