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Born in the City of London

    Zdravím! Tak mám konečně kožich! Strašně dlouho jsem si přála kožich, ale cokoliv jsem si kdy zkusila, vypadala jsem vždycky jako mamut. Pro tenhle jsem musela až do Primarku do Drážďan, ale spoustu jich mají na www.choies.com. Mikinu jsem dostala od Vojtíška k Vánocům, skoro jí nesundám, je ukrutně teplá a pohodlná a dá se sehnat v House:)… Read more →

Dark Red & Spikes

Hey fashion maniacs! Here’s one of my fall outfits. I’m totally in love with this wine colour, especially with the lipstick colour. I feel badass in combination with the spikes on my beanie and shoes. And yes, it hurts to touch them. Glad I didn’t have to kick anyone in the ass that day hahaha) I hope you like it!… Read more →

Gray Maxi Dress

Hi fashionistas! The school has just started and I have been really busy recently. I wonder if everyone is as busy as me, there is so much stuff to do!!! School, work, blog, gym, friends, family, I wish a day was longer:( Anyways, I always wanted a long cotton dress and couldn’t find any in stores, so I bought it… Read more →