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Gift Ideas for Women

Ahoj! Sama vždycky s vánočními dárky strávím spoustu času, a tak jsem se rozhodla vám ten čas trošku ušetřit a zkusit vás inspirovat:) Prošmejdila jsem snad celý internet a vybrala ty nejzajímavější tipy na dárky, tak snad vyberete alespoň něco!:) Stačí zase kliknout na fotku, která vás přesměruje rovnou do obchodu. Cestování je můj život a je to činnost, kterou… Read more →

Prague Fashion Week Vol. III

Hey everyone! I was so busy lately that I forgot to make a post from the last day of Prague Fashion Week! I was tired of wearing sweet, nice and formal clothes, so I put a little bit of ‘me’ in this outfit. My new beanie, transparent top, leather vest, slim black pants, high heeled boots, of course my leather clutch… Read more →

Spiked Diamonds

  Hi there! This time, I left my cute dresses and heels home and chose this very very comfy outfit. I just feel great wearing this style, this is probably me. I’m still kinda trying to find my fav style and gotta admit, that sometimes I dissemble, I try to be someone else. So, this is what I love the… Read more →

Le Moustache

Hey everyone! The weather forecast said ”sunny, 20°C”, still can’t understad why  it started raining cats and dogs just like that. We went into this little café in downtown Prague to meet Vojta’s family and when we got there, we were soaking wet. The white outfit was a perfect idea… :( Anyways, I’m going to Slovakia for two days, so… Read more →