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Wild Soul

Hey guys! Here are some pictures from the jungle I found near my parent’s house. There’s this wonderful feeld of fresh green grass and it just makes you feel like you wanna jump in it and run. I actually did that and it was a great feeling. Anyways, have a wonderful day, wild souls, Love, E. WEARING: YELLOW CONVERSE SNEAKERS… Read more →

Wild Life

Hi everyone! Long time no post! Well first of all, we both would like to wish you HAPPY EASTER! Have a wonderful day of overeating, celebrating, not-working and just having fun with the family :) Yesterday, the day before Easter Sunday, we went to this terrarium in Prague. It’s not that we would love snakes and spiders and stuff, but… Read more →

Crossing the streets

Good morning everyone! Are yall looking forward to the weekend? I am! The weather is supposed to be perfect and I’m gonna do some travelling! Yesterday me and Vojta went to play some billiard with my best friend and her boyfriend, so it was a kind of a doubledate. We won of course:) Anyways, we had this idea… Me and… Read more →

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