Definition of Leather

  Hey everyone! :) Long time no post again but here I  come again! 9 days till my departure and my thoughts are somewhere  on the beach. I can’t even concentrate on studyin although I still have one more exam just a few hours before my flight, that one will be pretty intense hahaha. Anyways, this was probably the last… Read more →

Spiked Love

Hi everyone! Still studying, no time for anything. 12 days till departure, so my thoughts are somewhere in Miami. That’s why I love Miami. Florida. Sun. Ocean. AND CHILL. Love, E.   WEARING:  H&M HIGH-WAIST POCKET SKIRT MANGO SPIKE OXFORD FLATS BURTON BEANIE Spread The Love! Read more →


Hey fashion lovers! Here’s another post for those who just surf on the internet instead of studying, LIKE ME! I have another final tomorrow and all I do is going through my old Vogue magazines. Please, help me run away from this procrastination! Anyways, concerning this outfit, I wanted to identify with men, so I put on my favorite Gant… Read more →

Flatter Tummy in a Few Hours

Hey guys! :) //Scroll down for Czech Version// I’ve been asked several questions about getting a flatter tummy from food lovers that  don’t exercise. After about 30 minutes of explaining that they should go to the gym and get  a bit of exercisig, I decided to help them a little. So is it possible to make your stomach leaner and smaller… Read more →

Wild Cat Hunting

  Hey guys! After another final today, I have only 2 more left and I really can’t wait to have them done! Well everyone who still goes to school understands me :) Anyways, here’s another combination of almost-no-black and leopard pattern, I hope you like it. (P.S. Please don’t judge me for buying some pieces on eBay from time to… Read more →

Glass of Red Wine

Good afternoon fashion stalkers! :) Concerning today’s and tomorrow’s weather here in Prague, I have to post one early spring-ish outfit, when it was cold and windy.  This is one of my outfits where I don’t wear black (almost) at all, which is quite hard for me, since 99% of my closet is black. Anyways, I hope I inspired those who… Read more →

Leather Proof

Hey everyone! I hope your weekend is going great, as well as mine. I went to a great party yesterday and came back home at like 7am, which hasn’t happened to me in years! Since I started working out, I am not partying at all, so that’s maybe why this exception was such a great time :) Anyways, I wanted… Read more →

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