Spiked Diamonds

  Hi there! This time, I left my cute dresses and heels home and chose this very very comfy outfit. I just feel great wearing this style, this is probably me. I’m still kinda trying to find my fav style and gotta admit, that sometimes I dissemble, I try to be someone else. So, this is what I love the… Read more →

Neon Thoughts

Hi guys! The last time I went shopping, I was thinking about the price of clothes and figured that I almost never wear anything expensive and I wanna show you that you can actually wear cheap clothes and still look decent :) Don’t skip those cheap stores that you always pass by, thinking they aren’t for you. They are usually… Read more →

Summer in the Air

  Hey everyone! So after almost two months of exhausting travelling, I’m finally back in Prague! I actually got a new job in a new gym, so now I’ll be around a lot. I know there are better places than Prague to be in the summer, but if you have a new dress, like me, it’s not that bad:) I got a… Read more →

Sweatpants all the way baby!

Hey everyone! I’m sooo sad to leave Canada! Can’t believe my summer is gone, just like that, and I wish I could stay longer. Well maybe next year, I’m actually thinking about moving to Vancouver hahaha.) Anyways, this is my travelling outfit. If you read my last post, I was saying about cheap stores I love to shop in, so… Read more →

Slip-on sneakers

Hey there! Since I loooooove slipons and i believe there is more of us, here are some tips where to get the best ones! :) Love, E. Mint leather slipons White Leather Slipons Black Leather Slipons with chain Dune Litzie Nude Glitz Slipons  Vans Classic Slipons Vans Classic White Slipons Monki Lily Slip on Trainers New Look Manse Black Suede… Read more →

Waist Zone

Heeey everyone!! New post from Calgary, Canada is on! Concerning what I’m wearing, I’ve had a lot of different opinions, some of you are big fans of high-waist denim shorts and cropped tops, so you probably have nothing against this outfit. It’s again simple and classy. But some of you (and it’s the majority haha) hate this kind of fashion.… Read more →

Salty Afternoon

Hey everyone! Greetings from Salt Lake City! We spent almost 2 days in this city in Utah and the first day all we did was shopping haha. There is a huge shopping mall in downtown Salt Lake, some of the pictures were taken there. The second day we took a trip to the actual lake and explored the city. I also bought… Read more →

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