Denim Travels

Hey everyone! Here’s a short post from Seattle, Washington! We spent the 4th July in this great city, so we explored the downtown in the morning, chilled at the river for a while and when it got dark, we saw many fireworks at the river. After that we had the best dinner in this huge pub in the downtown called Rock Bottom, so… Read more →

Zig Zag Dress

Hey guys! We finally got to Canada! This post takes place in Calgary, Alberta, which is supposed to be one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, and indeed, it is :) We spent 3 days in Calgary doing almost nothing, and the last day, when we decided to explore the city, it got a little bit chilly and in… Read more →

Mint Chiffon

Hey everyone! Today’s post is from Santa Fe in New Mexico! Did you know that it is the oldest capital city in the United States and the oldest city in New Mexico? But what is it compared to our beautiful Prague, right? No skycrapers, no shopping malls, no stressed people. I felt like I was stuck back in 17th century,… Read more →

Simple as that

Hi, this is my simple look I was wearing on one of the days in Port Aransas in Texas, where we spent some time at the beach. It got really hot so I needed minimum clothes on me. I hope you like it. Love, E. WEARING:  H&M COTTON SKIRT ZARA LEATHER SANDALS Spread The Love! Read more →

White Sands

Hi there everyone! As you know, I’d been gone for 6 weeks, so I didn’t post almost anything, which I’m so sorry for. Anyways, unfortunately for me, I’m back in Prague and ready to make some new posts from my journey. It was more of a travelling and exploring journey than fashion one, so I’m not wearing make-up on any… Read more →

Baseball Mood

Hey everyone! Here’s one post from Austin, Texas. It was our last day in Wimberley (that’s where I stayed for a year as an exchange student), so my host family took us to this beautiful city. We visited the Capitol, the amazing Central Market, where we also had lunch and did a little bit of shopping in the Barton Creek… Read more →

Like a Bird

Hey everyone! This is the last post from the beach in Texas. We are heading Austin tomorrow! The weather is perfect and we are still just chilling. We also found a public pool in our neighborhood, so we didn’t have to be salty all day:) And of course we had the best seafood dinner! Next post will be from Austin!… Read more →

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