Project Denim

Hello everyone!! So it was Vojta’s namesday yesterday and unfortunately I had to be in the gym all day. I escaped at least for lunch, so we went downtown Prague hoping to find a good restaurant. After a while we did find an italian one and had the best pizza in the world. I have to admit, sometimes Prague can… Read more →

Wild Life

Hi everyone! Long time no post! Well first of all, we both would like to wish you HAPPY EASTER! Have a wonderful day of overeating, celebrating, not-working and just having fun with the family :) Yesterday, the day before Easter Sunday, we went to this terrarium in Prague. It’s not that we would love snakes and spiders and stuff, but… Read more →

Full-body workout

Hey everyone! So this time I decided not to bother you with some more clothes, and instead of that post something useful. I captured my usual full-body workout. If you have read my previous posts, you already know that I don’t really like the machines, and I prefer bodyweight and simple equipment, such as TRX, bosu or dumbbells. Every exercise… Read more →

Crossing the streets

Good morning everyone! Are yall looking forward to the weekend? I am! The weather is supposed to be perfect and I’m gonna do some travelling! Yesterday me and Vojta went to play some billiard with my best friend and her boyfriend, so it was a kind of a doubledate. We won of course:) Anyways, we had this idea… Me and… Read more →

Homies First

Heyyyy everyoneeee!:) I wanted to share this outit with you all in honour of my boyfriend, because he gave me these shoes. Since his name day is getting closer, I would like to point out, how awesome he is and how much I love him:) Anyways, I hope you like the outfit! Love, E. WEARING: FOREVER 21 STUDDED VEST RESERVED… Read more →

Coffee to go

Hello everyone!! This outfit is called coffee to go, because the colours just remind me of my favorite morning drink. I am having a tough week and coffee is the only thing, that actually keeps me alive… :) So, either you are having breakfast, dinner, meeting with your friend, or you’re just passing through Starbucks, go ahead and have a… Read more →

Boyfriend T-shirt

Hi everyone! Every single one of you has at least once complained about having nothing to wear from different reasons. Sometimes all your clothes is in the washing machine, sometimes you don’t know how to combine the oufit and sometimes you really have nothing to wear (which is the worst). There is a solution for that! Steal something from your… Read more →

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