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Christmas Time

 Ahojte povaleči, zdravím z gauče od pohádek! U nás panuje neuvěřitelně přežírací & válecí & chillovací & nafilmykoukající nálada. Je mi špatně, protože jsem měla ke snídani, k obědu i k večeři bramborovej salát a od rána se skolioticky válim na gauči u pohádek. Z dárků mám ale ohromnou radost! :) Kochněte se fotkama, jak to u nás včera vypadalo… Read more →

Promoting Fitness While Travelling.

Hey everyone!!! :) It’s been a while since my last post, but I am just so BAD with finding some time to write new and new posts where I could share some interesting knowledge about fitness and healthy lifestyle with you. I promise that I will try to do my best even though lot of you are not here because… Read more →

15 000 km through the USA (part III)

Hey travellers! Here’s the third part of my American dream. (You can check out the first part here and the second one right here.) So as soon as we left Salt Lake City in Utah, the temperature got really low. Instead of nice 30°C (85°F) we suddenly had to heat up the car and put on some sweaters. We drove though… Read more →

15 000 km through the USA (part II)

Hiiii travelling-lovers! Here’s the second part of my journey! Did you guess the next state we visited right? I would say, that this part of the States is the red part. Well simply because, the next state we visited was my favorite red-rocks-everywhere-state – Utah. I couldn’t wait to see Arches National Park, because that was the only thing, we… Read more →

Airports are fun!

  Hey guys! So I’m gone!!!! :) I finally packed myself and left for another never-ending summer to America. As the title says, I looooove airports, because it usually means, that you’re going somewhere, and since I love travelling, I love airports. The flights were great, they weren’t even full, so we we able to sit wherever and just be… Read more →

Photographer’s Throwback Thursday

  Hey everyone! Here are some pictures of me in action! They are all from our roadtrip to the States and they prove that sometimes it was pretty tough to take a great picture! In some pictures Vojta captured me while taking photos and in the other ones you can see, how the picture came out. Oh how I miss photographing!… Read more →

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